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Great Cookbooks to Try: Dinner for 2 on Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s Day will soon be here. There is an old-fashioned saying “the way to your sweetie’s heart is through their stomach” meaning to cook them delicious meals and to buy them yummy treats such as heart shaped boxes of candy. Some couples go out to dinner on Valentine’s Day. You’ll often find that restaurants offer special menus, just for Valentine’s Day, which is very nice, but you usually have to stick with that specific menu whether you like it or not, so you can’t have the shrimp scampi no matter how much you want it. You’ve really got to have...

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DIY Book Art

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To a booklover, what could be more beautiful than a lovely book? We thought you would agree. That's why we are sharing some of our favorite DIY book art projects with you. Some booklovers are hesitant to turn a book into something else. Well, because it is after all, a book! But there are times we all weed and prune out our bookshelves. It becomes time to get rid of books we've read so we can add terrific books to our collection. This can become the perfect opportunity to turn some of these books into lovely DIY book art. So...

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Happy Birthday, January Authors

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Hey! It’s January! What might surprise you is just how many terrific authors have been born in this month. Sometimes we all hit that challenge of wondering – “What should I read next?” So we have the recommendation of choosing a January birthday author! We’ve selected quite a few here, so you’ll find books that you will enjoy. Edgar Allan Poe (Jan 19th 1809) - Poe was a very well-known poet and fiction writer, whose tales were both spooky and mysterious. Some of his stories that became quite popular include The Pit and the Pendulum and The Tell-Tale Heart. He...

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Read to Keep your 2018 New Year's Resolution

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Nielsen conducted a survey from December 29th 2014 to January 2nd 2015, asking about New Year's resolutions. They discovered the 10 most popular ones that people are likely to make:1. Get fit2. Lose weight3. Enjoy life to the fullest4. Stay on track with your budget5. Spend time with family & friends6. Get organized7. Try a new hobby 8. Not to make a New Year’s resolution 9. Travel10. Read more The responses won't surprise you much. The top 2 answers are to "Get fit" and to "Lose weight," which is why you can't find a parking spot at your favorite gym...

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