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Stumbling Into an Art Movement

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There’s a book that I’ve taken everywhere with me. It’s one of the three books I saved when I moved to the USA. It was the book that went into my hand luggage when I moved back. It’s hard to imagine life without my battered paperback copy of Neuromancer, by William Gibson, close at hand.First ImpressionsNeuromancer benefits from one of the best opening lines in a science fiction novel. It starts with “The sky above the port was the color of a television, tuned to a dead channel.” It’s a vivid, and at the same time bleak, image. It also...

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Where do Ideas Come From?

Dave Webb David Webb

The question that people love to ask writers, and the one they famously hate to answer, is “where do you get your ideas from?” Often the answer is “I don’t know, they just sort of turn up”, but occasionally you can trace the origins of a book to another book or story. A Day in The Life James Joyce is often held as the gold standard for literary endeavor. His works are the perennial topic of discussion on Literature courses, each reading of a Joyce novel producing a very personal experience of his work. Ulysses takes place over 24 hours...

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