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DIY Book Art

Abigail Beal Abigail Beal DIY gift ideas

To a booklover, what could be more beautiful than a lovely book? We thought you would agree. That's why we are sharing some of our favorite DIY book art projects with you. Some booklovers are hesitant to turn a book into something else. Well, because it is after all, a book! But there are times we all weed and prune out our bookshelves. It becomes time to get rid of books we've read so we can add terrific books to our collection. This can become the perfect opportunity to turn some of these books into lovely DIY book art. So...

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Nonfiction Books for Big Thinkers

Kimberly Bond book recs economics gift ideas history Kimberly Bond nonfiction science

Are you shopping for a deep thinker this holiday season? A book is a great and thoughtful gift choice for friends or relatives. You may know someone who is fascinated by how the human brain works. Perhaps you have a co-worker or neighbor who can’t wait to discuss economic or political theories with you.  Check out this list to get some great book ideas to satisfy the people on your list that aren’t content to stay on the surface of even the toughest topics. You could even treat yourself with one of these great selections – just don’t forget to...

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