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DHEA: The Ultimate Rejuvenating Hormone

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"Caution! DHEA might extend your life. Hasnain Walji's book explains the current research on this natural hormone; research that indicates DHEA may significantly slow the aging process. Nutritionists have found that DHEA may lessen the chance of heart disease and some cancers, improve the condition of Alzheimer's sufferers, improve memory, and even help with weight loss without strenuous dieting. Case studies are cited for each claim. Many have hailed DHEA as a miracle; others have decried it as a drug. Walji shows that it is neither, but instead is a naturally occurring hormone that lessens with age, and must be replenished. A sane and balanced look at the hottest anti-ageing hormone on the market. Contains the most up-to-date information and addresses the fears and concerns of the consumer."

ISBN: 093425270X / 9780934252706

Author: Hasnain Walji, Ph.D.

Published: 1996

Publisher: Hohm Press

Length: 116 Pages

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