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"Green trees and blue lakes fill Brian Robeson's vision as he flies--in a single engine plane--to visit his father for the first time since his parents' divorce. Brian's mind filled with thoughts.

He knows why his mother left his father, and is obsessed by his knowledge of The Secret. This knowledge haunts him--even after the plane crashes in the Canadian wilderness and he is left, the lone survivor, on a rugged piece of land that juts out into the water....

Brian's fifty-four days in the wilderness are recorded in vividly realistic scenes of struggles that both prompt and evoke a boy's coming of age. Newbery Honor Book author Gary Paulsen writes with the sureness of one who has experienced the wild for himself, brilliantly crafting a fast-paced adventure that is unforgettably real--and a gripping metaphor for life."

ISBN: 0027701301 / 9780027701302

Author: Gary Paulsen

Published: 1987

Publisher: Bradbury Press

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