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Demon Lord of Karanda (The Malloreon #3)

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"As Garion watched through the crack in the upper floor, the madman on the throne stared furiously at the woman before him.

"I am a God!" Urvon shrieked at her.

"So?" Zandramas almost purred. "Then prepare to receive the mortal thrust of the Sword of Riva which spilled out the life of thy master Torak, for thus I summon the Godslayer!"

Then she reached forward and placed the cloth-wrapped bundle which she had been concealing beneath her robe on the black altar. She raised her face and looked at the crack through which Garion was staring. "Behold thy son, Belgarion," she called to him, "and hear him crying." She turned back the cloth to reveal Garion's infant son Geran.

The baby's face was contorted with fear, and he began to wail, a hopeless, lost sound."

ISBN: 0345330048 / 9780345330048

Author: David Eddings

Published: 1988

Publisher: Del Rey Books

Length: 422 Pages

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