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Dude Food: Recipes for the Modern Guy

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"It happens to every guy at some point. Youv'e got to rethink your status as Mr. Can Opener.

From a Candelight Caviar Omelet to Bone-Gnawing, Brown-Sugared, Lip-Buzzing BBQ Ribs, Dude Food is your springboard to hip, contemporary, dudeful cooking.

Whether you're craving Cognac-splashed steaks or flaming home fries, wicked whiskey-lime chicken or espresso-fueled chocolate chip cookies, this book is the essential guide for every guy looking to get maximum satisfaction out of minimum technique."

ISBN: 0811816796 / 9780811816793

Authors: Karen Brooks, Gideon Bosker, Reed Darmon

Published: 2000

Publisher: Chronicle Books

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