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Coming Home to America

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"Sharing the voices of hundreds of people whom activist Torie Osborn has met and worked with, Coming Home to America paints an expansive picture of gay and lesbian life that is colorful, bold, and optimistic. Osborn shows how every lesbian and gay man who comes out of the closet is making a profound social change simply by living their daily lives. Moreover, Osborn argues that within the stuff of everyday gay life lies the potential for important new public values and visions to help rebuild America's hope for the future. Against the background of today's mass gay and lesbian migration from social exile and stifling silence, as invisibility, denial, and taboos about homosexuality are finally eroding, Coming Home to America is a visionary book promoting love and healing, faith and morality, family and community. It celebrates the ways in which ordinary people become extraordinary when they walk through their own fears and take control of their destiny."

ISBN: 9780312145729

Author: Torie Osborn

Published: 1996

Publisher: St. Martin's Press

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