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Finding Water: The Art of Perseverance

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"This third book in Julia Cameron's bestselling trilogy on the creative process-beginning with "The Artist's Way" and "Walking in This World"-offers guidance on weathering the periods in an artist's life when inspiration appears to have run dry. Julia Cameron presents a new twelve-week program for addressing those periods in an artist's life when inspiration is lacking. Finding Water offers advice and wisdom about tackling the most challenging issues an artist faces, such as: - making the decision to begin a new project; - persevering when a new approach to your art does not bear immediate fruit; - staying focused when other parts of your life threaten to distract you from your art; and - spotting possibilities for artistic inspiration in the most unlikely places. This powerful new installment in Cameron's groundbreaking body of work on the creative process will guide readers to discover enduring inspiration-it will lead them to water."

ISBN: 1585424633 / 9781585424634

Author: Julia Cameron

Published: 2007

Publisher: Tarcher

Length: 286 Pages

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