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A Room with a View

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"The Heroine of E.M. Forster's delightful A Room with a View, the young and well-bred Lucy Honeychurch, finds herself in quite a "muddle" after encountering the Emersons, father and son, on a trip to Florence with her guardian cousin. The Emersons, whose social class is different from Lucy's and whose manner--unlike the "respectable" people she is used to--is simple and direct, cause her to look anew at the people around her, and to find them wanting. Worse, in her genuine restiveness and growing desire to be "absolutely truthful," Lucy refused to acknowledge her strongest feelings--which are for the young George Emerson--and she becomes engaged to the boorish, and boring, Cecil Vyse, instead.

The story of Lucy's coming to terms with her feelings--of her letting in the light of self-knowledge after much, sometimes comical, resistance and lying--allows Forster to present one of his favorite themes: that of the holiness of the heart's desires."

ISBN: 1566190940 / 9781566190947

Author: E.M. Forster

Published: 1993

Publisher: Barnes and Noble Classics

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