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All about Investing: The Easy Way to Get Started

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"All About Investing is the straight-talking, step-by-step guide to putting your money to work for you. From stocks and bonds to options and futures trading, this no-nonsense book walks you through the entire investing process, pointing out the best places to put your money for maximum return. Begin reading now and by the time you go to bed tonight you will understand:

-How to build your plan using different asset classes--socks, bonds, mutual funds, real estate, and more

-Stock-picking techniques for increasing potential returns without adding unnecessary risk

-Six easy steps to an asset allocation plan that will increase your wealth no, and protect your wealth later

-Advanced strategies for investing in real estate and futures and opitons

-Investments you should stay away from regardless of your age or income

All About Investing provides you with the knowledge to make your first investment and start on the road to long-term financial security."

ISBN: 0071457526 / 9780071457521

Author: Esmé Faerber

Published: 2006

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Companies

Length: 307 Pages

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