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Astral Projection

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"A haunting novel of a guitar prodigy who thinks the only problem with the world is that there are so few real ways to escape it.

The place is Miami, the time is 1967, and nothing in Goodwin DeFoe’s short life has given him any sign that good things might come to him. His parents are locked in booze-driven mortal combat; his gawky teenaged body and relentlessly cynical mind can find no relief -- until he picks up a guitar and finds himself a teacher, a down-on-his-luck womanizing jazz musician named Buffington, who inadvertently leads Goodwin to the promised land. Music. Music that fits his mood, lifts his spirit, sends him spiralling outside his life, that connects a loveless boy to a screwed-up man who becomes as close as Goodwin has ever got to a friend. But what happens when the student clearly surpasses the teacher, takes all that Buffington has got to give and goes him one better, into the land of the musically blessed? What happens to the boy when even his music won’t insulate him from the violent drama his parents act out every night?

Shaped and coloured by the music and culture of the 1960s, this novel is rich with dark humour, snappy vernacular and piercing observation. From the first days of Goodwin’s guitar lessons to the brutality of the Miami race riots and beyond, Astral Projection telescopes in on Goodwin’s struggle to pass from the world at hand into a new and better one -- giving us just one year, then just one day, then just one hour."

ISBN: 0679311866 / 9780679311867

Authors: Edward O'Connor

Published: 2003

Publisher: Random House Canada

Length: 242 Pages

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