Chapter and Verse: A Skeptic Revisits Christianity

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"In Chapter and Verse: A Skeptic Revisits Christianity, Mike Bryan, a lapsed Protestant and 'shaky atheist' on the religious left, enrolls as a student at Criswell College in Dallas, a leading Southern Baptist Bible college on the religious right. Rather than easily lampooned fundamentalist ignorance, he discovers, for the most part, a serious, intelligent Christian faith profoundly embarrassed by the shenanigans of Jimmy Swaggart and the Bakkers. His book is a fresh examination of this evangelical culture and an analysis of the clash between genuine Christian faith and the de facto unbelief of the secular world, both of which pose confusions and tensions for their adherents.

Bryan attends classes and prayer meetings and joins a busload of Criswell students to attend a popular pastor's revival in Jacksonville, Florida, where a young woman breaks down in tears over the condition of his agnostic soul. On a mission trip to El Salvador, he finally comprehends ho wfaith in Jesus Christ has changed millions of lives for 2,000 years. Nevertheless, Bryan leaves Criswell College as he arrived, in the view of his new Christian friends: still a wandering lost soul."

ISBN: 9780140171945

Author: Mike Bryan

Published: 1992

Publisher: Penguin Books

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