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Civil War: Thunderbolts (Thunderbolts #9)

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"The superhuman registration act has been signed into law - sides are being chosen - but what side do our former villains fall on? Well... their identities are already public knowledge - and they sure can get good publicity by hunting down renegade heroes, so... time for the T-Bolts to kick some spandex butt! Plus: Zemo and Songbird? When did that happen? A new base, a new mission statement, and a new outlook face the no-longer-new Thunderbolts! But why have so many Thunderbolts agreed to Zemo's plans? What role does the Grandmaster and his "Squadron Sinister" play in the gambit? And can there be anything worse than having the fate of the universe lie in the hands of Zemo? We're thinking, yes... but wait until you see whose hands our fate does lie in!

CollectingThunderbolts 101-105"

ISBN: 0785119477 / 9780785119470

Author: Fabian Nicieza

Illustrator: Tom Grummett

Published: 2007

Publisher: Marvel

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