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Coyote Rising (Coyote Trilogy #2)

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"The passengers and crew of the hijacked starship Alabama fled their colony on Coyote after the unexpected arrival of more ships from Earth--and a new, repressive government. Now, social ills and overpopulation plague that colony, and newcomers who wish to leave are not permitted to do so. Even those who choose to remain resent the iron-fisted rule of Matriarch Hernandez, who is supervising the building of a bridge across the East Channel to the territory of Midland--where the Alabama's crew is believed to have resettled.

But a movement is under way to reclaim Coyote for those who truly love freedom..."

ISBN: 0441012051 / 9780441012053

Author: Allen Steele

Published: 2004

Publisher: Ace

Length: 382 Pages

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