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Extreme Landscape

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"Created in celebration of the United Nations declaration of 2002 as International Year of Mountains, this remarkable collection of essays features climbers, naturalists, anthropologists, ethnographers, and scientists writing on the forbidding but irresistibly fascinating aspects of our planet's most inhospitable environments. From the icefields of Siorapaluaq, Greenland, the northernmost village on Earth, to the dramatic, windswept channels of the Straits of Magellan, this wide-ranging work explores some of the wildest, most challenging, and most inaccessible environments in our world.

Each of the essays in this insightful and illuminating anthology explores a different aspect of our experience of natural extremes. These provocative pieces also speak eloquently of wonder and awe evoked by Earth's range of landscapes--and of the many ways we can restore and revitalize ourselves and our surroundings by discovering the timeless wisdom of the wildest places of our world. From such deeply personal experiences as the tests of courage that link a young Masai earning his manhood hunting lion with only a spear to a rock-climber clinging to El Capitan, Extreme Landscape ventures far into territory few humans will ever explore. . .and returns, paradoxically, with a portrait of us all."

ISBN: 9780792263968

Author: Bernadette McDonald

Published: 2002

Publisher: National Geographic

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