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Finding the Next Starbucks: How to Identify and Invest in the Hot Stocks of Tomorrow

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“The stocks that generate the most spectacular return are small companies that become big companies. My objective is to identify and invest in what I call the stars of tomorrow—the fastest growing, most innovative companies in the world.”

Michael Moe was one of the first research analysts to identify Starbucks as a huge opportunity following its IPO in 1992, when its market cap was $220 million. Today, its market cap is $23 billion. Lucky? Maybe a little. Art or science? Both. For more than fifteen years Moe has made great calls on many other stocks, earning a reputation as one of today’s most insightful market experts.

Now, in his first book, Moe shows how winners like Dell, eBay, and Home Depot could have been spotted in their start-up phase and how you can find Wall Street’s future giants. He forecasts the areas with the greatest potential for growth, including peer-to- peer networking, nanotechnology, and alternative energy. And he explains his four Ps of future superstars: great people, leading product, huge potential, and predictability.

Ironically, while the opportunities for outsized returns for investors lie in identifying early-stage growth companies, large investment banks are driven by the economics of trading volume and therefore generally ignore the stars of tomorrow. If you are looking to invest in tomorrow’s winners it’s unlikely you will find them by reading Wall Street research. Mainly, Wall Street is focused on reporting on companies everybody already knows about.

Coincidentally, to identify and invest in tomorrow’s stars, you are unlikely to be battling Wall Street’s finest—they aren’t there.

Throughout the book Moe includes interviews with some of the biggest names in business—from Howard Schultz and Bill Campbell to Vinod Khosla and Michael Milken—who reveal their own insights into how they discover the stars of tomorrow. For Wall Street insiders and individual investors alike, Finding the Next Starbucks is an indispensable guide to spotting growth opportunities.

ISBN: 1591841348 / 9781591841340

Author: Michael Moe

Published: 2006

Publisher: Portfolio Hardcover

Length: 384 Pages

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