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Journey to Cubeville (Dilbert #12)

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"Once the occupant of cubicle 4S700R at Pacific Bell, Dilbert creator Scott Adams now gets his grocery money by giving voice to the millions of disenfranchised cube dwellers of the world. Journey to Cubeville is another delicious dive into the maddening world of Dilbert, Dogbert, and all the other characters--a world where they continue to navigate a never-ending maze of meaningless mission-statement rhetoric and futile team-building exercises. This fat collection of cartoons is a showcase of strips that originally appeared in newspapers from September 1, 1996, to January 4, 1998.

Plus, you get Dilbert finger puppets of all your favorite characters! Use these great puppets right at your work-station to enact your own Dilbert-based dramas. Punish the evil, pointy-haired boss by dipping him into your coffee. Consult with Dogbert while he's perched right there on your thumb. The options for fun venting are endless!"

ISBN: 0836267451 / 9780836267457

Author: Scott Adams

Published: 1998

Publisher: Andrews McMeel Publishing

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