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Journey to the Center of the Earth (Extraordinary Voyages #3)

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"Enter an extraordinary underground realm swarming with fantastic creatures, full of breathtaking sights and sounds, and overflowing with excitement of mammoth proportions.

The Adventures begin when Otto Liedenbrock, an impulsive professor of geology, decodes an ancient manuscript with what he believes to be directions to the center of the earth. Convinced that such a trip is possible, he hastily sets out to explore the mysteries that lurk inside the planet. Join the professor, his skeptical sixteen-year-old nephew, and their quiet but faithful guide as they travel first to Iceland, then through a volcanic crater deep into the earth, where they are confronted with a subterranean world of massive mushrooms, prehistoric, beasts, remote forests, and a sunless ocean populated by mysterious sea creatures. Could that really be a giant prehistoric man they see? And will anyone believe their stories of discovery--if, that is, they can get back to earth's surface alive?

This handsome edition of Journey to the Center of the Earth, with charming illustrations made especially for the book by Scott McKowen, is sure to find a treasured place in your family's library. Book club questions by noted educated Arthur Pober, EdD, further enhance the reading experience."

ISBN: 1402743378 / 9781402743375

Author: Jules Verne

Published: 2007

Publisher: Sterling

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