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Lake Effect

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"Sue and Nancy had an everyday American Childhood on the shores of Lake Michigan, with summers on the beach, swimming and fishing, and the sorts of secrets that only sisters share. But their hometown had a secret of its own: it was strewn with deadly industrial pollutants.

Sue was diagnosed with cancer at only forty-one years of age. As she lay dying, she made Nancy promise to write about the pollution in their hometown of Waukegan, Illinois, and whether it was connected to her illness. Against incredible odds, Nancy has kept that deathbed promise with Lake Effect, the heart-wrenching and inspirational story about the joy of family, the pain of cancer, and the noxious chemicals we allow in our environment and our bodies.

Using her skills as a journalist, Nancy investigated the troubling history of Waukegan's toxic waste sites. She reveals the dangerous health effects of industrial chemicals, the factories that dumped them, and the government that turned a blind eye. In Lake Effect, Nancy shares her investigation and her life, from Sue's final days to the discovery of her own life-threatening illness and struggle to have a child.

Lake Effect challenges us to look more deeply into the causes of illness and ask why America still allows thousands of untested and potentially deadly chemicals into our food, environment, and ultimately ourselves. It is a personal and powerful fulfillment of a sister's promise. And it is a call to stop the pollution that threatens us all."

ISBN: 9781597260848

Author: Nancy A. Nichols

Published: 2008

Publisher: Island Press

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