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Living Kabbalah

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"The ancient key to life’s meaning made understandable to modern seekers. Maggy Whitehouse, whose workshop courses in Kabbalah and radio lectures reach millions, shows that this ancient spiritual practice belongs not to any one religion but to all humanity. This lucid and user-friendly interpretation of Kabbalah’s central symbols, the Tree of Life and Jacob’s Ladder, will help readers enhance their awareness of how the universe works and the meaning of their own lives within it. Whitehouse also shows how Kabbalah offers a path to spirituality that involves the idea of a Cosmic Being and a Divine plan outside the conventional teachings of religion, and ultimately a way to create happiness according to our inner being, instead of our ego’s wishes."

ISBN: 0600609707 / 9780600609704

Author: Maggy Whitehouse

Published: 2004

Publisher: Hamlyn

Length: 128 Pages

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