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Roadside History of South Dakota

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"The Roadside History series charts a course to the present through carefully selected and thoroughly researched stories relating what we see today with what happened before. Through vivid anecdotes, old photographs, and maps, the Roadside History guides provide entertaining insight into the states they describe.Each state is divided into geographical and historical regions, and each region is described in the context of highways that pass through it. This road log approach helps place modern travelers in the past.Reading Roadside History of South Dakota is like having a friend guide you through the state's rich past and wide-open spaces, from its homespun beginnings to its endurance as one of the nation's most rural states."

ISBN: 0878422625 / 9780878422623

Author: Linda M. Hasselstrom

Published: 1994

Publisher: Mountain Press Publishing Company

Length: 467 Pages

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