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Sorceress of Darshiva (The Malloreon #4)

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"The Orb continued to pull steadily at Garion's hand. He noticed that the stone was glowing redder and redder and it was getting uncomfortably warm.

Then it stopped before a glass case where a rotting cushion lay behind the dusty panes. Aside from that, the case was empty. The Orb was hot now, and its ruddy glow filled the entire room.

"What was in this case?" Belgarath demanded.

Senji leaned forward to read the inscription on the corroded brass plate attached to the case. "Oh," he said. "Now I remember. This is the case where they used to keep Cthag Sardius--the Sardion--before it was stolen."

Suddenly, without warning, the Orb seemed to jump in Garion's hand, and the glass case sstanding empty before them exploded into a thousand fragments."

ISBN: 0345330056 / 9780345330055

Author: David Eddings

Published: 1989

Publisher: Del Rey Books

Length: 406 Pages

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