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The Dyke and the Dybbuk

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"Dybbuk Kokos, a feisty soul-stealing demon of medieval Jewish folklore, has been trapped in a tree for two hundred years. When lightning finally strikes and she is freed, Kokos finds herself in the world of the twentieth century--and the disgruntled employee of the multinational corporation Mephistco. In order to keep her job, Kokos must now hunt down the descendant of the woman she was instructed to haunt centuries ago. This task proves an unexpected challenge, for the descendant is Rainbow Rosenbloom--a London taxi driver, film critic, lesbian and niece to a pack of formidable aunts.

As the hilarious and erudite tale unfolds, both Rainbow and her dybbuk discover that History still holds a few tricks up her sleeve."

ISBN: 1580050123 / 9781580050128

Author: Ellen Galford

Published: 1998

Publisher: Seal Press

Length: 248 Pages

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