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The Eagle and the Rose: A Remarkable True Story

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"The Eagle and the Rose is the riveting true story of Rosemary Altea, and a book that will move you in undreamed of ways. It explores the deep currents beneath the surface of a woman whose gifts both embrace the world and have the power to change it. It not only recounts her struggle to come to terms with who and what she is, but reveals the profundity of a force that can open new dimensions for all of us.

From and English childhood dominated by her need to conceal her talents, to her momentous discovery of others who recognized her abilities and helped her develop them, Rosemary Altea emerges as a harbinger for the spiritual quest so many people are seeking. With her astonishingly accurate clairvoyance and her miraculous capacity to contact the departed, she shows us that everyday life is not the only plane of existence--and reveals another world of infinite goodness.

And while Rosemary is the "Rose" of the title, the Eagle is here too: Rosemary's spirit guide, constant companion, and mentor, Grey Eagle. Through Rosemary he speaks with luminescent words, giving us insights into the nature of guardian angels, the afterlife, and the love that permeates all. Grey Eagle's wisdom--along with documented excerpts from Rosemary's casebook in which she contacts the spirit world, predicts future events, and performs "spirit rescues" for souls unable to continue their astral journeys--makes The Eagle and the Rose a guidebook to a place of light and revelations.

As a woman's biography, The Eagle and the Rose is unforgettable. As an exploration of an expanded universe where the Earth Plane is simply one level of reality, it is a work of transcendence and beauty, opening for readers an important access to what lies beyond the visible world, a plane that holds such promise for us all."

ISBN: 9780446519694

Author: Rosemary Altea

Published: 2008

Publisher: Warner Books

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