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The Practical Encyclopedia of Feng Shui: Understanding the Ancient Arts of Placement

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"A comprehensive guide to the ancient Chinese art of Feng Shui. 

Improve your life by discarding clutter and encouraging positive energy. Create a nurturing garden outside by working with natural forces. In your workplace, the position of your desk, your outlook and the characters of the people you work with, all affect your contentment and productivity. 

This book is divided into three sections; home, office, and garden. Gill Hale, a Feng Shui consultant and lecturer, helps you make a full survey of your living space. Using a wealth of illustrative material and specially commissioned photographs, as well as detailed, easy-to-follow charts, this book offers practical advice. Relatively small changes can have an instant impact.

* Ancient formulas and symbols explained and interpreted for today's world with simple tables to help apply them and a unique glimpse at the professional use of the Luo Pan - the Feng Shui compass.

* Practical advice on applying the featured principles - from buying a house to adding subtle details to your existing home - to support dreams and aspirations, and creating tranquil outdoor spaces.

* Gives insight into relationships in the office and at home and offers methods for improving health, career and friendships and creating nurturing environments for your loved ones.

* Over 600 photographs and illustrations, including floor plans and garden designs, help you make a full Feng Shui survey of your living spaces."

ISBN: 1843090325 / 9781843090328

Author: Gill Hale

Published: 2001

Publisher: Hermes House

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