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The Science of Anime: Mecha-Noids and AI-Super-Bots

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"Anime, the name given to Japanese superhero animation, has swept the United States. More than two dozen Japanese cartoon series already appear on U.S. television, with more on the way. And with the vast leaps being made in animation technology, the anime explosion shows no sign of abating. One of the main topics of anime is advanced technology and how it will affect the human race. Movies like Akira have touched upon the power of the atom and the advances and tragedies nuclear power will bring to the Earth. Stories like Ghost in the Shell explore the limits of human and machine interface and artificial intelligence. More than any other genre in the entertainment field, anime explores the future of science and technology, and The Science of Anime provides a fascinating and fun look at the science behind it"

ISBN: 1560257687 / 9781560257684

Authors: Lois H. Gresh, Robert Weinberg

Published: 2005

Publisher: Thunder's Mouth Press

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