Web Of Meaning: A Developmental Contextual Approach In Sexual Abuse Treatment

Web Of Meaning: A Developmental Contextual Approach In Sexual Abuse Treatment

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"Why do some victims of sexual abuse sustain extreme trauma while others with similar experiences appear to emerge virtually unscathed? Why do some victims of sexual abuse go on to become abusers themselves? Many researchers and clinicians have sought to answer these questions by focusing on the nature and duration of the abuse. In Web of Meaning, Gail Ryan and her associates suggest that in order to provide meaningful treatment of sexual abuse we must abandon the concept of a "recipe" for victim and abuser treatment and develop therapeutic interventions specifically tailored to the individual rather than to the event.

Based on a developmental perspective, Web of Meaning provides the reader with a matrix designed to organize the process fo searching for and putting together significant pieces of information about individual clients. The design of the matrix is based on the need to understand the larger picture of a client's life in order to make sense of what is currently being observed. A major goal of treatment is the rejection of the abuse and self regulation of its em otional and behavioral effects. Web of Meaning takes treatment to a new andexciting level. It is a must for anyone who works with victims or abusers." - Jan Levins, Safer Society Foundation

ISBN: 1884444504 / 9781884444500

Author: Gail Ryan

Published: 2008

Publisher: Safer Society Press

Length: 172 Pages

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